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For those needing assistance with Referee Clinics posted by Rusty J
For those new players or returning players having issues on what needs to be done in order to take the referee clinics. Please go here -----> read more...

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WEEKDAY PRACTICES only will begin for teams beginning on DECEMBER 1st (16-1's are a special case. Your coach will inform you after I get a chance to talk to him when you will begin and where). Sunday practices will be announced by your coaches.

The OPEN SKILLS SESSIONS will be held on December 4th and December 11th at TRINITY from 2 to 6pm. These sessions are not mandatory but are strongly recommended. This is why practices on Sunday are delayed. The times per age group is listed below.
Court 1 from 2-4 = 12-1's & 12-2's
Court 2 from 2-4 = 13-1's & 13-2's
Court 3 from 2-4 = 11-1's (will squeeze them in with other courts if room)

Court 1 from 4-6 = 14-1 & 14-2
Court 2 from 4-6 = 15-1 & 15-2
Court 3 from 4-6 = 16-1's (will squeeze them in with other courts if room)

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STORE ORDER FORM posted by Ric W
Store Order Form Available

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Forms For Parent Meeting posted by Sean N
The Players Medical Release Form and the Player/Parent Agreement Form have been added under the "Forms Menu" above.
If you did not attend the meeting on Sunday or did not turn in all your forms, please scan and email to the club or make arrangements to turn them in.

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Club Affiliation posted by Sean N
If you were selected for and accepted a spot on one our 11's -16's teams and have not changed your club affiliation, please go into WebPoint (Where initial registration was completed) and change club affiliation to "Capital Area Volleyball."
This allows you to be added to your team in HOA's online system.

Update 11/9/2016 @ 3:45 pm:
Currently at 1 player that needs to change to CAVBC.
11-1, 12-1, 13-1, 13-2, 14-1, 14-2, 15-1, 15-2 & 16-1 have all changed their club to CAVBC.
The last player to change their club status will have their name listed here and will owe the coaches 25 "STAR" jumps at the 1st training session.

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Due to a miscalculation the tournament unit of $40.00 was incorrect.
The proper amount is $50.00
This will raise each player's dues by $100.00
The October Parent Meeting Minutes above have been updated. read more...

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Statistics posted by Ric W
Statistics Worksheets and Instructions have been posted under FORMS
Ric will work with any team that wants to learn our stats system.

Additionally, Ric will post stats on the web for any teams that keep statistics using our system.

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