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CAVBC Steps Away From the Court posted by Rusty J
CAVBC will not be returning for the 2018 USAV season. We wish all volleyball players and families that have called CAVBC their home at one point or another in their volleyball careers the best in the future. Regardless, everyone here at CA still believes in the players you are and the players you will become!! It's not the coach that makes you who you are, they only show you the path, it's you who makes you who you are!!

If there is one last thing that CAVBC can offer, it's this... "Work hard and you will grow both as a volleyball player and as a person. It's you that has to put the work in! Have integrity in what you do as you will be more respected by others down the road. Be humble and show humility as these are the attributes of champions. They have nothing to prove....they let their hard work and dedication show others, without words or degradation of others, what they are capable of!"

CAVBC wishes all the best of luck in ALL of your future endeavors!!

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